Understanding single and confirmed opt-in

For every subscriber list, you have the option of making it either a single opt-in or confirmed opt-in. The type of list you should choose depends on the quality of the list you require as well as the quantity of subscribers you are hoping to attract.

What are the differences between single opt-in and confirmed opt-in?

Single Opt-In

Single opt-in means that as soon as a subscriber completes a subscriber form, they are automatically added to that Subscriber List. No additional confirmation or step is required.

Confirmed Op- In (sometimes known as double opt in)

Unlike single opt-in, confirmed opt in requires your subscribers to validate their email address before being added to your subscriber list. When a new subscriber completes the subscribe form on a web site, an email is immediately sent to the address they provided. This email contains a verification link which the recipient clicks on to confirm that they own the address. Once the link has been clicked, that email address is added to your list.

If the link is not clicked, then the subscriber is not added. If they later fill in the subscribe form again, they will be sent another verification email.

The type of list you select for each client completely depends on your requirements. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using confirmed opt-in Subscriber Lists:


  1. While it does not eliminate them completely, confirmed opt in reduces the probability of spam complaints, because someone with access to the email account has had to click a link specific to them. The confirmation process will help to ensure that people are only subscribed with their clear consent.
  2. You will have a cleaner list because people have to use their real email addresses in order to confirm their subscriptions. This also eliminates misspelled addresses and typos.
  3. Potentially more responsive subscribers. Those who are genuinely interested enough to confirm their subscriptions may also be more inclined to respond to your campaign or newsletter.


  1. You may lose a number of potential subscribers because people may not bother to confirm their requests.
  2. Potential subscribers who genuinely want to receive your newsletter may not understand the confirmation process and fail to click the link.

For all of your subscriber lists, you can completely customize the single and confirmed opt-in process by entering your own URL for custom confirmation pages and also editing the contents of the verification email.

How can I change my list from single to confirmed opt-in, or vice versa?

You can change the type of list at any time. Go to your ‘Manage Subscribers‘ tab, and click through to the list you want to work with. 

Screenshot showing the list detail page, and the option to edit the list type under the list name

Click the ‘edit list name/type‘ link to access the page where you can change from single to confirmed opt-in, or back the other way.

Screenshot showing the drop down menu to select the list type

What happens if I change list type? Do people get sent a confirmation email to opt-in again?

When you change a list from single opt-in to confirmed opt-in, everyone who is already active will just be considered a confirmed opt-in subscriber. So there won’t be any email sent out to them.

I have some people listed as ‘unconfirmed’. Can I manually opt them in myself?

No, unfortunately you can’t. The whole point of the confirmed opt-in list is that those people have to take the action themselves. It is normal to have up to 30% of people not confirm their opt-in, because they changed their mind, forgot, or had problems with the process.

If they ever add themselves to your sign up form again, they will be sent another confirmation email, so that is one option for people who forgot or had problems confirming.

Can I delete unconfirmed people from my list

Similar to the above question, it isn’t possible to delete these people while they are in the unconfirmed state. However, they won’t receive any emails, so they aren’t going to cause any real issues for you.